Tuesday, August 13th, Time: 7:30PM (ACDT)


Learn How to Resolve your child's 'SIGHT WORD INTOLERANCE' in 10 minutes a day

Is your child’s journey to reading mastery full of tears and resistance?
Help them ‘EASE’ (Empowered, Affirmed, Supported, Elevated skills) into reading.

10 minutes a day...

You will feel empowered when I show you how to DIY transform your child's reading struggle in 10 minutes a day.

Sight word Intolerance

Learn to notice what it is about 'sight words' that your child struggles with and how you can help to shift the struggle to freedom

What You’re Going To Learn:

Summary of the Research

Why you and your child don't need to continue on this lonely journey without a clear road map for success.

Skills to Transform

How to help your child learn the system behind 'SIGHT WORDS' without tantrums, anxiety or stress.

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

The importance of the brain being 'wired' with the foundational skill of Phonemic Awareness BEFORE Phonics will 'stick'

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Ali Watson

Founder of BOOST Literacy

I LOVE working with proactive parents like you. With the right information, strategies, training and support, YOU can help your child to achieve competence and confidence in literacy. Proactive parents like you are looking for the best, most efficient solutions for your child. You want to notice progress in place of the daily struggle with readers and ‘sight words’ and see your child’s face light up at being able to easily read for pleasure.


“Very soon after starting to work with us, Ali transformed what would have otherwise been a very worrying situation into one of hope and possibility” Mum of Edward (age 5 years)


“We knew there was definitely a problem when Gracie flatly refused to let us read to her. She now happily reads to us and has shown a renewed interest in story time. Working with Ali has set her on a really hopeful path” Gracie’s mum (6 Yrs)


“Ali has a particular gift for using her intuition in communication, being able to understand where children and parents are at in both the process and content of their learning and pitching her intervention at just the right level”. Kate K, mum of Freddie (Age 5)


Daniel has grown in confidence since we started working with Ali. He is also starting to notice signs and words that he sees around when we are out and about. This never happened before. Mum of Daniel (age 5 Yrs)


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