Carol Dweck talks of a GROWTH mindset and a FIXED mindset. Children who are taken from struggle to competence develop a growth mindset. Experience shows them that through effort and an approach that makes sense, they can grow and build their skills. They can be a competent reader and they can learn to spell accurately. The emotional benefits for our children of BOOSTing literacy skills are immense and far reaching. They can GROW. They DO grow.

As parents, the anxiety level we experience with a struggling reader also reduces as we see hope for a positive future for our child. The development of core skills is key.

I’m excitedly planning a session full of informative and relevant material at the “Demystifying how kids learn to read and spell” FREE parent session on September 8th at The Nuriootpa Library 9 am- 10 am.
However, I welcome your questions ahead of this date so that you leave the session with answers to the mass of unsolved mysteries around this topic that are probably swimming around in your head.

I look forward to uncovering some of the mystery of the ‘state secret’ that exists around how children learn to read and spell.

I am looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday September 8th at 9 am at the Nuriootpa Library as we unpack what is behind the core of the struggle and what can be done to grow both skills and emotional well being.

Please be sure to invite your friends to this FREE event and ask them to register online here.

Sincerely, Ali

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