CF2A1084Hi, I’m Ali and I LOVE working with proactive parents like you!! I can help your child move from struggling with reading and spelling to competence and confidence. I am a natural problem solver. I readily hone in on the issues and identify the gaps. I will help your child to develop skills and strategies which ‘crack’ the alphabetic code so that they can read and write for life.

Proactive parents like you are looking for the best, most efficient solutions for your child. You want to be able to shift the struggle and see your child’s face light up at being able to easily read text and write for pleasure. You want to notice progress in place of the daily struggle.
I provide parents like you with relevant and current information about the process of learning to read and spell. I will help you to understand what is going on for your child and how you can help to speed up progress by reinforcing learning at home.


How were these superpowers revealed??! I have walked the walk. If you are feeling frustrated and confused or angry, anxious and overwhelmed over lack of progress at school – I have been there! I have negotiated the ‘system’ as an advocate for my son. I have done the research, completed the training and lead my child and others to freedom through strong literacy skills.

I use a speech to print approach (Speech Sound Pics SSP). Core foundational skills are developed before higher order skills are presented and mastered.