Welcome to BOOST Literacy

“Providing fences at the top of the cliff in preference to ambulances at the bottom.” 

Ken Rowe, Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville 2004

Hi, I’m Ali, founder of BOOST Literacy. 

I LOVE working with proactive parents like YOU to ensure your child develops a solid foundation of core literacy skills to BOOST their learning voyage!!

BOOST Literacy’s underlying philosophy is an Early Intervention Parent Partnership Approach.


BOOST Literacy provides parents like you with relevant, current information about what Pre schoolers need in order to be set up for a successful literacy journey. I will help you to understand the skills your child needs and how you can help them at home.



How do I know what you and your child need?


What parents say about a BOOST Literacy Transformation:

“Very soon after starting to work with us, Ali transformed what would have otherwise been a very worrying situation into one of hope and possibility.”

Mum of Freddie (5yrs)

“We have noticed vast changes in our daughter, specifically in her learning, but also in her confidence, social relationships and how she engages with her environment”. Working with Ali has set her on a really hopeful path.”

                                                                                                  Mum of Gracie (6 yrs)

 “Daniel has grown in confidence since we started working with Ali. He is also starting to notice signs and words that he sees when we are out and about. This never happened before.”

                                                                                                  Mum of Daniel (5 yrs)

 “Ali has a particular gift for using her intuition in communication, being able to understand where children and parents are at in both the process and content of their learning and pitching her intervention at just the right level”.

                                                                                                  Mum of Freddie (5yrs)


BOOST Literacy specialises in an early intervention approach by building capacity in phonemic awareness and applied phonics skills for learners in the early years. 
BOOST Literacy is committed to ensuring that each child has the opportunity to reach their academic potential through the development of strong core skills in literacy. 
Competence in reading, spelling and writing lead to BOOSTED self esteem and a BOOSTED sense of hope in a positive future.